Howling Winds Clocked at 140 MPH in Northern California

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A forecast for intense winds has put Northern California residents on edge as the possibility of another devastating wildfire looms large. Meteorologists have been keeping close tabs on the weather throughout Monday morning and the power of the winds has been nothing short of astounding.

Wind instruments have been recording howling winds on NorCal peaks throughout Monday morning, with Kirkwood Ski Resort coming in at a whopping 140 mph and Alpine Meadows seeing 106 mph gusts.

Meanwhile, in the wildfire-ravaged area of Napa, Mount Saint Helena Peak recorded winds of 89 mph, its highest reading in 12 months.

The wind recordings on the Tahoe peaks are no surprise, since they usually see the highest gusts in the area and wildfires typically don’t start above the tree line. But the areas of Napa, Sonoma and Lake counties are currently crossing their fingers that a fire doesn’t begin today.

Winds have been prevalent throughout the area on Sunday night and Monday morning. Here are some more wind numbers from the National Weather Service:

A Red Flag Fire Warning remains in effect throughout Northern California Monday. It’s very important to stay vigilant in not conducting activities outdoors that could potentially cause a wildfire. To learn more about being responsible during dangerous weather events, go here.

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