Humboldt Park Ranger Explains Why You Should Never Pick Native Wildflowers

Park Ranger Griff is back with another educational lesson for you outdoor adventurers in Northern California. This time he tackles why you shouldn’t pick wildflowers in the Humboldt redwoods. In fact, you shouldn’t pick native wildflowers anywhere.

“It is a beautiful time to be in Humboldt Redwoods State Park because the early bloomers are blooming,” said Griff in his newly released Facebook Live video, which have become wildly popular. “Don’t pick wildflowers in the park. Don’t pick native wildflowers anywhere because they have relationships with other things. So you’re not just picking a flower, you’re destroying a web of life.”

Griff goes on to highlight the trillium ovatum flower, which creates beautiful color in the redwoods and because of that, is seen on many of the posters of NorCal redwoods. He explains the importance of wildflowers to the natural habitat of the redwoods and that they’ll usually die very quickly if picked for vain purposes.

Watch his full video here:

If you’re not familiar with Griff, it’s about time you get acquainted. John “Griff” Griffith is a Naturalist at the Humboldt Redwoods State Park and has been hosting live videos on their Facebook page throughout 2020-21 as a way to engage and educate people interested in the area. The on-location videos share fun and insightful thoughts from Griff, who has discussed everything from fire prevention to wildlife education. And he is one heck of a host.

If you’re saying to yourself “this guy should have his own tv show,” he actually did. He hosted Animal Planet’s first digital show Wild Jobs in 2018 educating people of the lives of conservation workers.

Griff has a history in Northern California, studying Natural Resource Interpretation at Humboldt State University. Oh, by the way, the man is known for his dancing, as seen in this viral video with 6 million views:

So listen to Griff – don’t pick wildflowers!

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