Worst Nightmare: California Woman Falls Head First into Washington National Forest Toilet

Photo: Brinnon Fire Department

A California woman hiked to the top of Mount Walker in Washington state when she decided to make a pit stop in a vaulted toilet. What happened next is everyone’s worst nightmare.

While using the toilet in Olympic National Forest, the unidentified woman accidentally dropped her phone into the toilet. She then began taking desperate measures to retrieve the phone, according to a Facebook post shared Tuesday by the Brinnon Fire Department.

First she disassembled the toilet seat and used her dogs leash to grab the phone out of the bottom. When that didn’t work, she attempted to use the leash as a harness to lower herself into the toilet to retrieve the phone. As you can imagine, that did not go well.

“Eventually, she took the leashes to help support herself, which failed, and she slid into and fell into the vault head first,” wrote the Brinnon Fire Department. “After 15-20 minutes of attempting to get out, she used her phone to call 911.”

When her rescuers arrived on the scene, they built a makeshift cribbing platform for the woman to stand on and were able to pull her to safety. After emerging from the toilet, rescue officials asked the woman to seek medical attention after being exposed to human waste, but she only wanted to leave. She thanked the responders and continued her journey back to California.

When hiking in the great outdoors, people tend to fear things like getting lost or injured, which is completely fair. But after reading this, you might also have nightmares of using outdoor toilets. Stay safe out there.

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