Iconic Tahoe Hotel Once Owned by Frank Sinatra to Reopen Under New Ownership

The former Lake Tahoe resort once owned by Frank Sinatra, Cal Neva Resort, has been purchased by real estate firm McWhinney, which plans to renovate and reopen the property. Located on the border of California and Nevada, McWhinney intends to restore the resort to its former splendor and incorporate it into the Proper brand of hotels.

McWhinney envisions the Cal Neva Resort, which originally opened in 1926 and closed in 2013, as a modern leisure travel destination that retains its historic essence. The resort’s guest list from its golden era boasted names like John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe. Sinatra himself redeveloped the 13-acre property in 1960 and owned it until 1968.

The restoration plans include preserving key elements of the resort, such as the historic Indian Room and Frank Sinatra Showroom. McWhinney’s CEO, Chad McWhinney, expressed excitement about the opportunity to revitalize the unique resort, stating, “Our vision is to reimagine and revitalize this iconic resort with deep historic roots into an exceptional experience for guests and the local community to enjoy for years to come.”

By breathing new life into the Cal Neva Resort, McWhinney aims to create a modern and luxurious travel destination that celebrates its rich history and connections to legendary figures like Sinatra, Kennedy, and Monroe.

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