Incoming Thunderstorm Ignites Flash Flood Watch for Areas of NorCal this Weekend

Flooding on I-5 near Corning in 2019.

It seemed as if summer had arrived in Northern California this week as record-breaking heat swept through the area with triple digit temperatures. But as we get on the other end of that heatwave, we are faced with thunderstorms and the possibilities of flash floods through the weekend.

Beginning on Friday evening, thunderstorms will be descending upon NorCal with heavy rains and the possibilities of flash floods. Due to the impending storm, the National Weather Service issued a Flash Flood Watch for a large portion of NorCal, including the possibility of debris flows in burn scars from 2018.

Torrential downpours are forecast throughout the area, from Sacramento all the way up to the North Coast.

The winds throughout the storm are expected to be howling, reaching 35 mph throughout the valley and even stronger in high-elevation areas.

A similar thunderstorm slammed NorCal in late-may 2019, bringing golf-ball sized hail and tornado-like clouds. Although this storm may not be as vicious, the timing of the two is a little odd:

So much for those summer vibes. Be sure to prepare accordingly.

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