Incredible Before and After Photos Put the Historic Tahoe Winter into Perspective

Photo: Mt. Rose

Last winter saw an unprecedented deluge of snow in certain corners of Lake Tahoe, marking a historic event in the record books.

Among the numerous ski havens adorning Tahoe, Mt. Rose amassed a staggering 668 inches (that’s 55.67 feet!) of snowfall. This generous bounty of snowflakes even stretched the ski season into the late days of April, a rare treat for snow enthusiasts.

Mt. Rose is employing the power of images to illustrate the striking contrast between winter and summer. The ski area is sharing a collection of astonishing photos that vividly convey the sheer magnitude of last season’s snowfall. Scroll through the images below by clicking the right arrow to grasp the profound impact of the snowfall.

The snow’s depth is truly remarkable, as evidenced by the fact that signs that typically dangle several stories above the ground are now within easy reach.

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