Instagram Deleted Our Account. Follow Our New One!

It’s with a heavy-heart that I announce that Instagram has deleted our account and there’s no telling if they’ll ever give it back. We’ve grown that account for 8 years – and it’s all gone in the snap of a finger.

Here’s my message on our brand-new account:

I’ve spent the past week going through every emotion and I decided to just pick myself up and start a new page. We play by these social media networks rules and unfortunately they are judge, jury and executioner. If we are able to get the old page back, we will promptly delete our new page and send everyone back to the old page.

I’m sure most people reading this followed our old account. It grew to be very popular, reaching millions and millions of people every month. So please, follow our new one – @active_norcal. It’s going to be the same great content from Northern California that we’ve always done – it’s just going to take some time to grow it back to its heyday.

Thanks to everyone for your ongoing support of Active NorCal. Time for us to go to work…

Zach O'Brien

Zach O'Brien is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief at Active NorCal
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