Intense Winds Expected to Reach 100 MPH on Mount Shasta this Week

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As Northern California prepares for a batch of winter storms preparing to hit this week, falling snow and rain is prevalent on everyone’s mind. But what sets these storms apart as a serious winter event might just be its intense winds.

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The National Weather Service in Eureka released its Wednesday forecast for peak wind gusts and it includes up to 100 mph winds in the Mount Shasta area. Here is the full wind forecast for the entire far NorCal coastal area:

On top of heavy snowfall throughout the week, the forecast shows intense gusts right on Mount Shasta:

For anyone planning on being in the Mount Shasta area on Wednesday, be sure to take any precautions needed to avoid danger. Look out for fallen tree limb, be careful driving and it’s probably a good idea to avoid the high mountain areas. Also, skiers and snowboarders should check with Mt. Shasta Ski Park before heading out to the park to see if the lifts are on wind hold.

This is what the mountain can look like with high winds:

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  1. this publication seems to favor sensationalism. sure there may be 100 mph winds at the top of our 14,000′ mountain, but down here at 3800′ i doubt we will see 40.

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