Interstate 80 Closed Over Donner Summit with Blizzard Conditions

Surprise, surprise… We have our first closure of Interstate 80 over Donner Summit during this winter storm, and if it doesn’t last too long, it won’t be the last closure of the weekend.

The California Highway Patrol announced the closure westbound at the Nevada state line and eastbound at Colfax. The CHP posted a video of the blizzard conditions over the pass:

There’s currently no ETA for the reopening of the popular roadway into the snowy Tahoe Basin, but if the forecast is any indicator, you shouldn’t count on it being open much in the next 24-36 hours. The forecast is expecting the storm to pick up this evening and continue to blast the region with snow until Monday.

Videos show Tahoe ski resorts getting blasted by snowfall and 100+ MPH winds:

Bottom line – you should probably stay home this time around. Be safe during this major winter storm.

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