Is It Possible To Jump Off Burney Falls? You’re About To See For Yourself

We've always wondered if it was possible to jump off of Burney Falls. Not only did we find out it is possible, we saw the maniac do it!

Years ago we wrote about the legend of Olympic swimmer Johnny Weissmuller, who also played Tarzan in the movies, diving off of Burney Falls. We researched to no avail and Active NorCal Editor Chip O’Brien even wrote “If it turns out there is any truth to the story of Weissmuller diving from Burney Falls, you will read about it in Active NorCal and I’ll be a monkey’s uncle.”

Well Chip, a monkey’s uncle you are. Well, sort of.

Below is a video from 2015 of Nick Coulter, who teases us with with giant cliff jumps off of Middle McCloud Falls and Potem Falls before plunging off of the 131-foot Burney Falls ledge. We aren’t sure what goes through the mind of such a daredevil, but we sure do like the results.

*Note: Nick Coulter is a professional and we do not encourage anyone to do this. He is lucky to be alive today.

Nick, today we dub you the modern-day Tarzan:

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  1. I don’t believe Johnny Weissmuller jumped off of Burney Falls that day. I was standing right behind the camera man and all I saw was his double stunt man covering himself with grease and swimming out to the canoe that was anchored at the bottom of the falls. I did not even see Johnny Weissmuller there that day.

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