Is Leonardo Dicaprio’s Secretive Movie Shoot Coming to Sacramento?

Hollywood’s glitz is descending upon Sacramento as Warner Bros. gears up to film its latest cinematic venture in the heart of the city’s downtown. The capital’s streets are set to transform into a movie set, creating buzz and anticipation among locals and film enthusiasts alike.

The question remains: is this the secretive Leonardo Dicaprio film that’s been in Eureka for the past week?

City officials have confirmed that Warner Bros. has obtained the necessary permits for the project, signaling a significant moment for Sacramento’s cultural and economic landscape.

“We’re ecstatic about Warner Bros. choosing Sacramento as a filming location and are eager to see the positive impacts this project will bring to our community,” expressed Jennifer Singer, city spokeswoman.

As part of the preparations, “Tow Away” signs have been spotted around J Street between Sixth and Seventh streets, advising residents and visitors to clear the area on Sunday. Social media and local news outlets have shared glimpses of the filming permits, indicating a tight schedule from early Sunday morning to Monday, ensuring minimal disruption to the city’s daily rhythm.

Anybody know about Warner Bros filming downtown? Seen at 6th and J st and a few adjacent blocks.
byu/Rent_a_Dad inSacramento

While specific details about the movie remain under wraps, Warner Bros. is known to be filming a new Paul Thomas Anderson film across Northern California. The star-studded cast includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Sean Penn, and Regina Hall, raising speculation and excitement about the possibility of catching a glimpse of Hollywood stars in Sacramento.

The project, referred to as the “BC Project” on IMDb, has sparked curiosity with its plot details still shrouded in secrecy. Recent filming activities in Eureka, Humboldt County, have added to the intrigue, Sacramento may join the list of Northern California locations graced by the production. Some rumors have claimed the film is an adaptation based on Thomas Pynchon’s 1990 novel “Vineland.”

Is Sacramento about to be the setting of the next great film? Only time will tell.

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