It’s Officially Sacramento’s Wettest May on Record

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These storms that have been slamming Northern California the past week have brought heavy precipitation, with inches of rain throughout the area and over a foot of snow in the mountains.

But now that the rain has settled down for a day (it’s not going to last long), we’re seeing that the rain we received this week was historic.

The National Weather Service announced that the new storms have brought the total May precipitation in Downtown Sacramento to 3.28 inches, which surpasses the previous May record of 3.25 inches. The average May rainfall is 0.76 inches.

The announcement is not a big surprise considering many NorCal communities have seen 5 times the normal amount of precipitation this month, mostly due to the 2-day storm that brought up to 6 inches of rain on some areas.

The storms also brought some rare May snow to the Sierra Nevada, with Squaw Valley Resort reporting nearly 2 feet of new snow, pushing the resort to over 700 inches on the season and creating once-in-a-lifetime powder days for skiers in May:

The craziest part of all of this? The storms aren’t over. Weather forecasts are showing a huge storm to hit NorCal on Tuesday, bringing with it even more snow to the mountains. Another Winter Weather Advisory, the third in the past five days, has been issued by the NWS:

Here are the upcoming weather forecasts for NorCal:

This is absolutely crazy! Of course, the current and upcoming storms will have huge impacts on the waterways and water storage in NorCal. We will be keeping a close eye on water flows and flooding possibilities in the coming weeks.

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