Watch a Feisty Steelhead Jump HIGH Out of the Water on the Klamath River

The fishing guides over at Wild Waters Fly Fishing have been getting their fair share of big steelhead on the Klamath River this fall, and boy are they feisty.

Every year during the fall, steelhead trout migrate to their native waterways from the ocean to spawn. They are the big, less-colorful cousin of the rainbow trout and their experience in the ocean make them one heck of a ride when you catch them.

Wild Waters Fly Fishing recently posted a video to social media showing a steelhead jump HIGH out of the water on the Klamath River:

Now that’s a great experienced for any fishermen! Although we don’t often see a fish jump that high, they are known to get out of the water. Here’s another video they posted recently:

Wild Waters Fly Fishing is located out of Mount Shasta and fish all over Northern California including the Sacramento River, McCloud River, Trinity River and the Klamath River. For more info go to

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