Lake Oroville Water Levels Hold Strong at 78 Percent, 138 Percent of Historical Average

Lake Oroville’s water level stands at 845 feet elevation as of Friday, with the levels continuing to be closely monitored by the Department of Water Resources. The reservoir currently holds approximately 2.75 million acre-feet of water, or 78% of its total capacity.

These water levels are notably higher than the historical average, current sitting at 138%.

To manage this substantial water body, Feather River water releases are currently flowing at a rate of 7,000 cubic feet per second. Flows through Oroville are currently being measured at 650 cfs, while the Thermalito Afterbay Outlet maintains releases of 6,350 cfs.

The Department of Water Resources remains actively engaged in the daily assessment of Feather River water releases. These assessments are crucial in ensuring effective water management for Lake Oroville and the surrounding areas. The department’s diligence is particularly important in light of California’s ongoing water challenges and the need to balance water usage for various purposes, including agriculture, urban areas, and environmental conservation.

As water resources continue to be a critical concern in California, the careful monitoring and management of Lake Oroville are essential to maintain a sustainable and reliable water supply for the region.

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