Lake Tahoe Air Quality Reaches Hazardous 700+ AQI Due to Nearby Mosquito Fire

The Mosquito Fire burning just west of Lake Tahoe is sending a lot of smoke into Northern California and Nevada. Right in line with the air flow is Lake Tahoe, which saw extremely poor air quality on Sunday, sometimes reaching an Air Quality Index (AQI) of 700+.

The Mosquito Fire began just east of Auburn on September 6 and immediately began sending this massive plume of smoke into the air:

After five days of significant smoke floating east of the fire, the communities nearby began seeing extremely hazardous air, including Grass Valley, Sacramento, Yuba County, Carson City and Reno. But the worst of the smoke was likely seen Sunday in North Lake Tahoe, when smoke caused hazardous air reaching up to 752 AQI. Here’s a map of the AQI around Truckee:

According to AirNow, air quality reaches a hazard when the AQI is above 300. For reference, Beijing’s AQI was just 142 today. A number above 700 is not only hazardous to be outside, it outright dangerous.

Video from social media show a terrible scene on Lake Tahoe:

This has become a normal occurrence during fire season, but 700 AQI is just crazy. Hopefully, firefighters will help contain the Mosquito Fire, along with save the communities in its path, soon.

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