Lake Tahoe Opening its First-Ever Underwater Trail

Photo: Mylana Haydu / Center for Underwater Science, Indiana University

The area surrounding Lake Tahoe is world-renown for its beautiful scenery and amazing trail systems in the mountain above the water. Beginning on October 1, that trail system will go underwater with the “Emerald Bay Maritime Heritage Trail”.

California State Parks is unveiling Lake Tahoe’s first-ever underwater trail in Emerald Bay that will take divers to a boat graveyard from the 1920’s and 1930’s. The collection of cars is the largest, most diverse group of sunken small watercraft of their kind, in their original location, known to exist in the nation. The cold waters of Lake Tahoe have left the cars in a beautifully preserved state.

The Barge Dive Site, where you can see the boat graveyard, was established in 1998, but officials have built an underwater trail to three other sites in the bay, equipped with informational signs placed at GPS locations.

“Underwater interpretive panels have been placed at four dive sites in Emerald Bay. Waterproof information cards created for divers, with specific GPS locations, will be available at the park’s visitor centers, local dive shops and online,” said California State Parks.

Boats in the bay will also be able to experience the magic, with signage they will be able to find the boat graveyard and peer down at the classic boats through the water. The excitement begins on September 28 when the California State Parks will do a live stream preview of the trail on its Facebook page:

To our knowledge, this underwater trail is the first of its kind in Northern California. What a cool way to explore one of the most beautiful lakes on the planet!

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