Lassen Volcanic National Park Announces Partial Reopening of Kings Creek Falls Overlook

The rebuilding of infrastructure in Lassen Volcanic National Park continues after 73,240 acres of the park was burned in the Dixie Fire in 2021. The area with maybe the worst destruction from the fire was Kings Creek Falls, which saw its overlook completely torched by the flames. After a year of work, laborers have been able to make progress rebuilding the overlook, enabling a partial reopening for visitors.

Officials from Lassen recently posted a video of the area showing the progress of the rebuild:

“Three cheers to park trail crew, who are continuing work on the sunny, steep slope above the falls,” park officials wrote on social media. “The second half of the overlook remains closed for your safety and theirs.”

Despite the area being burned in the fire, hikers were still able to hike to Kings Creek Falls when the park reopened for the 2022 summer season. Although hikers could still reach the falls, the steep slopes made it difficult to get a good view of the 46-foot waterfall. It was also a dangerous area to manuever.

Now, visitors can get a decent view of the waterfall. Hopefully, we’ll see the overlook completely finished in the summer of 2023.

Want to see what the hike to Kings Creek Falls is like? Check out our trip before the Dixie Fire:

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