Lassen Volcanic National Park Will Partially Reopen Following 2-Month Dixie Fire Closure

Portions of Lassen Volcanic National Park that are unaffected by the Dixie Fire will reopen on Monday, October 4.   

Lassen Volcanic National Park Highway will be open eight miles from the Southwest Entrance to Lassen Peak parking area and one mile from the Northwest Entrance to Loomis Plaza. The highway will remain closed to vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles between Loomis Plaza and Lassen Peak parking area due to ongoing fire operations and post-fire recovery traffic. The standard $30 vehicle entrance fee will be in effect.

Here is the map of everything that will reopen:

“This partial reopening allows visitors to enjoy autumn in the Southwest and Manzanita Lake areas of the park,” said Superintendent Jim Richardson. “We appreciate visitor compliance with closures while post-fire recovery efforts continue across much of the park.”   

The eastern portion of the park affected by the Dixie Fire including Summit Lake, Butte Lake, Warner Valley, and Juniper Lake areas remain closed. Please Stay Out & Stay Safe to protect yourself and protect your park. Areas burned by wildfire are dangerous and pose hazards including falling trees and limbs, hidden stump holes, loose or falling rock and hot or smoldering ground. Park resources need time to recover. Adhering to closures helps to limit further erosion, protect plants of concern, allow sensitive areas to recover and limit the introduction of invasive species. 

Visitors should be prepared for limited services as the park remains in post-fire recovery and park services and facilities transition to winter schedules. Drinkable water will not be available in the Southwest area of the park at this time, water will be available at Loomis Plaza. Neither gasoline nor electric vehicle charging stations will be available within the park for the remainder of the season. The Manzanita Lake Camper Store has closed for the season. 

The Kohm Yah-mah-nee Visitor Center, including the Lassen Association Store, is open seven days per week through 10/31. Lassen Café and Gift will not open on October 4, but is expected to open for the winter season. Visitors to the Southwest area of the park should bring their own food and water at this time. Loomis Museum will be open 9 am to 5 pm Friday through Sunday until 10/31 when the museum closes for the winter season. Information is available outside the visitor center and museum 24 hours a day.  

Manzanita Lake Campground Loops A and B will be open for first-come, first-served camping until snow closure, camping fee is $15 per site per night. Manzanita Lake dump station will be open until 10/12. Fires, including campfires and charcoal grills, are prohibited. Devices for cooking and lighting with ignition sources that can be turned off and that do not produce ash are permitted. All other campgrounds are closed including camping in vehicles in the Southwest parking area. 

Open trails in the Southwest Area include Brokeoff Mountain, Ridge Lakes and Lassen Peak. Open trails in the Manzanita Lake Area include Manzanita Lake Loop, Manzanita Creek, Reflection Lake, Lily Pond Trail, Crags Lake, and a portion of the Nobles Emigrant Trail between Manzanita Lake and Sunflower Flat. All other trails are closed. The entire park remains closed to all backcountry camping. 

Enjoy your visit to Lassen Volcanic in the autumn season by being prepared. Check the weather forecast, dress in layers, and carry food and water. Winter road conditions begin as early as October. Stow a shovel, blankets, and tire chains in your vehicle and fill up your gas tank before visiting. 

Firefighters continue to monitor fire activity within control lines in the eastern portion of the park. Smoke may be visible as the fire consumes unburned pockets of vegetation within these areas. Information about fire operations is available on the Dixie Fire InciWeb page at Information about Dixie Fire effects in the park is available on the park website at 

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