Lightning Strikes Lead to Fires in Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park has identified two fires in remote and isolated areas of the park following a series of lightning storms that struck the region on Saturday evening.

The Jan Fire, currently spanning an acre, has been detected in the Hoover Lakes vicinity, situated north of Buena Vista Crest. Simultaneously, the Marmot Fire, also encompassing an acre, has been located in the Moraine Meadow area, south of Merced Pass. These fires are positioned southwest of Yosemite Valley.

Park authorities have initiated air monitoring of the fires, with hopes that natural barriers such as granite formations will impede their progression and enable them to extinguish naturally. Thus far, there has been minimal fire activity reported in these areas.

Saturday’s lightning storms left a significant impact, with Yosemite recording a total of 179 lightning strikes during the evening.

In addition to these recent fires, a separate Chiquito Fire, spanning two acres and ignited by lightning on August 17, has been smoldering in proximity to Chiquito Peak. This fire has exhibited minimal growth over the past few weeks.

Yosemite National Park officials continue to monitor these fire incidents closely and remain prepared to respond as necessary to ensure the safety of the park’s natural resources and visitors.

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