Lightning & Wildfire Strikes NorCal. Plus Epic Stories w/Shon Northam | Talking NorCal

In this episode of Talking NorCal, Zach and Bob discuss the craziness surrounding the lightning and wildfires in Northern California (2:07). Then they get into the news of the week including Netflix naming Weed, California one of the funniest towns in America, trails staying closed in Whiskeytown for another 3 years, a drone found at the bottom of the American River revealing a crazy 100-foot bridge jump and Rob Lowe searching for Bigfoot in the NorCal wilderness (12:46). Finally, they hop on the line with Shon Northam, who went viral for kayaking video off Lower McCloud Falls, to have a raucous conversation about his adventures and experiences in NorCal (35:39).

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Telling the Stories of Northern California

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