Like a Scene Out of Twister: Terrifying Tornado Touches Down in Davis

Just past 6 pm on Saturday, Northern California residents were surprised when the National Weather Service issued a Tornado Warning in Solano and Yolo Counties. Even more surprising? A large tornado actually touched down near Davis.

Residents were terrified to find a scene straight out of Twister while driving just north of Davis and posted photos and videos of the rare event in NorCal:

The NWS reported that there is no damage believed to have occurred from the weather marvel. Climate scientist Daniel Swain believes it was a “land spout tornado”:

In related news, just nearby on Highway 113, a huge hailstorm blanketed the road:

What an incredible storm in NorCal! The NWS is forecasting the cold storm to continue through Monday, including up to a foot of snow in the mountains:

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