Looters Are Being Found All Over the Evacuation Zone in South Lake Tahoe

The towns of South Lake Tahoe and Meyers remain completely evacuated do to the nearby Caldor Fire. With 10,000 homes empty, looters have converged on the area for a stealing spree. Luckily, police are catching them left and right.

South Lake Tahoe police have already arrested four looters in evacuated zones and continue to patrol the area in search of these scumbags.

On Thursday, police arrested three people in the evacuation zone for looting. In most of the cases, the increased police presence noticed suspicious people in evacuated neighborhoods. After police engaged with each suspect, they found stolen items and drug paraphernalia in their cars.

Then on Friday morning, another looter was arrested after stealing a bicycle from a residence. Police have indicated that all the suspects will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

“We will continue our efforts day and night to catch these people who are taking advantage of this situation and victimizing our community,” said South Lake Tahoe Police.

A South Lake Tahoe resident also caught a looter on his Ring camera taking his possesions:

Photo: Ken Fortner

Looting has been a growing problem in Northern California as potential thieves know that homes are unoccupied and can steal things without conflict. On all major fires in NorCal since 2018, police have arrested plenty of looters, although some get away. It’s hard to imagine how someone can steal from people during a crisis, and most looters are found with drugs. Either way, all looters should be publicly flogged.

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