Man Drowns After Canoe Capsizes on Lewiston Lake

Tyler Allen Brooks and his friend Travis Stroup were duck hunting from a canoe on Lewiston Lake on Sunday when their boat capsized, sending both of the men to the water. A nearby boat was able to save Stroup but the 20-year-old Brooks drowned in the incident.

The Trinity County Sheriff’s Department received a call about the incident around 8:15 am that day, and around 2:35 pm, divers recovered Brooks’ body about 16 feet underwater. Brooks lived in Anderson and was a recent student of Anderson High School.

Lewiston Fire Chief Mel Deardorff said people driving by the lake noticed something was wrong and stopped, then heard the men yelling. They called 911 and found more hunters who were able to boat to the scene and rescue one of the men who was clinging to the canoe.

“The one that was in the water still clinging to the boat was absolutely hypothermic,” Deardorff said.

Persons at the scene and Lewiston firefighters worked to warm Stroup, who was flown out for medical treatment. He is expected to make a full recovery.

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