Massive Sausalito Mudslide Capsizes House and Forces Evacuations

With significant rains pounding the Bay Area for several days, a massive mudslide struck the small bay community of Sausalito on Thursday, capsizing an entire home and forcing the evacuations of 50 homes on the hillside.

One home on Crescent Avenue slid all the way down the hill to Sausalito Boulevard, stopping once it collided with another home. A woman was inside the capsized home and had to be dramatically rescued from the rubble as rescue crews followed her calls for help amidst what was once her home. She was transported to the hospital and released with minor injuries.

Officials evacuated the rest of the area due to safety concerns and turned off gas and electricity to the neighborhood. Gas leaks have already occurred in the area and officials have told the media, crews, inspectors and damage assessment teams to stay away from the immediate vicinity.

The area has a history of mudslides and the intense storm was the final straw to the weakened hillside. Rain has been pounding Sausalito with 4.92 inche in the last 24 hours and 5.57 inches in the past 48 hours. Winds have been recorded at 30-50 mph through the region.

There is no timetable for when the evacuated residents can return to their homes and an evacuation center has been set up at 333 Johnson Street in Sausalito.

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