Interstate 5 Completely Flooded in Williams

Flooding is beginning to become prevalent all over Northern California, with the “atmospheric river” storm bringing massive amounts of water to already soaked areas. Now, Interstate 5 in Williams has become completely flooded, creating serious traffic issues for travelers on the I-5 corridor.

Looking at the CalTrans webcam, you can see the severity of the situation:

As you can see, it’s causing traffic to back up significantly:

See what the flooding looks like in person:

No closures have been announced, but it’s not out of the question that a detour will be setup soon. This storm is set to continue through Sunday, making it a very scary situation as it seems that the flooding won’t go away soon.

It’s beginning to look a lot like the storm from February 2017 that overflowed Lake Oroville and caused over a billion dollars in damage. Here is what I-5 in Williams looked like during that storm:

Use caution when traveling for the next few days.

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