Millions of Butterflies Have Arrived on Lassen Peak for Yearly Migration

Every year in the fall, Lassen Peak is bombarded by millions of California Tortoiseshell Butterflies during their yearly migration. This year, they have arrived early.

Photos and videos have been posting online showing that indeed, the butterflies have arrived on Lassen Peak in the final days of July to provide lucky visitors with an experience unlike any other. As you hike up the peak, you’re surrounded by the beautiful winged creatures:

Nymphalis californica are a winter-hibernating species — in California, most often in the Central Valley or Inner Coast range. During summer months, they undertake a seasonal migration — often traveling to the higher elevations of the Klamaths, Sierra Nevada, and the Cascades. Their larva feed almost exclusively on species of Ceanothus and occasionally massive population booms can occur, resulting in near-epic numbers in migratory groups, making an amazing viewing party for hikers.

Here are some videos of the migration from years past:

Hurry up to Lassen Peak to see this natural phenomenon in person!

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