Miracle March?! Tahoe Area Wakes Up to Nearly a Foot of New Snow

Following a historically dry February, the Tahoe area was reminded what winter looks like with a blanketing of nearly a foot of snow in the mountains. And while the storm was reasonably small and isolated, meteorologists are optimistic that more is on the way in the coming weeks.

Tahoe area ski resorts celebrated the new snow with photos of powder on Sunday morning, a far cry from the views of melting piles of dirt snow through much of February:

Here are the complete snow totals:

With the new snow blanketing the area, Highway 80 saw its typical winter chain controls:

It’s not time to begin dropping our guard of the prospect of drought and wildfire worries later this year, but this storm could be the start of a revival of snowpack in the Sierra. Meanwhile, Northern California meteorologists are optimistic of the upcoming movement over the Pacific Ocean:

Will take this win for now! Let’s hope this trend continues through March.

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