MONSTER 40-Inch Striper Caught on the Sacramento River Delta

Photo: Micki Fedan

Micki Fedan and Robert Ferko were having an average evening fishing on the Sacramento River Delta on June 20th when they decided to pack up and head home. As they drove the boat back to the dock, they decided to troll in hopes of one last catch. It turned out to be the catch of a lifetime.

Their end of the day trolling landed them a 40-inch striped bass that weighed in at 23 pounds. It was a lesson in fishing that should always be remembered – sometimes, your most memorable catches come at the moment you least expected.

Photo: Micki Fedan
Photo: Micki Fedan

Fedan and Ferko told KCRA that they celebrated the monumental catch with a bottle of wine and ceviche at a summer solstice party.

Congratulations on the catch of a lifetime!

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