More Rain and Snow Forecast for NorCal this Week with a Bigger Storm Expected this Weekend

Photo: Lassen Volcanic National Park

As we enter into the third week of December in Northern California, we’re seeing more of the same weather – rain and snow. As a small weather patter is expected to to enter NorCal on Wednesday, another big storm is on the horizon, possibly bringing ANOTHER Holiday week of difficult travel.

The colder temperatures prevalent throughout NorCal will bring snowfall as low as 2,000 feet on Wednesday, but the precipitation is supposed to be light and only last for a limited time:

While you may need your umbrella or snow shovel for a day or two during the week, that’s hardly the news here. As the week progresses, it looks more and more like we could see another large storm this coming weekend, right when many people will be traveling for the Christmas break.

Currently, there are no hard snow or rain numbers in the forecast, but it’s looking like it could be much wetter and last for the entirety of the weekend:

The upcoming weekend storm is in its infancy, so we still can’t tell jus how much rain and snow it will bring, but expect heavy rain and snowfall. Here’s the forecast for the different areas of NorCal:

Stay dry out there, NorCal!

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