More Thunderstorms Forecast For NorCal Through the Weekend

As the month of May nears its end and Northern California residents long for sunny weather, the beginning of June is looking like more of the same stormy weather.

Thunderstorms are forecast to continue through the NorCal mountains on Friday and could last through the weekend. The storms could bring rain, hail, gusty winds and lightning.

These storms have led the news all week as the Sacramento Valley has been under a Significant Weather Advisory since Wednesday. On Thursday, the storms brought a Flash Flood Warning to Lake and Butte Counties, with some lightning to the mountains:

Of course, the most talked about storm recently was last week’s supercell that hovered over Redding, forming a beautiful tornado-like cloud in the sky and causing golf ball-sized hail to fall all over Shasta County.

The photos of the storm were tremendous:

The good news? It looks as if the storms will let up after this weekend and we can finally enjoy the sunny weather in NorCal. But until then, you might not want to plan an outdoor adventure in the mountains this weekend.

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