Mount Shasta is Almost Entirely Devoid of Snow

Photo taken of Mt. Shasta on August 16 by the Mount Shasta Avalanche Center

We’re in the dog days of summer in Northern California and another year of extreme drought is being illustrated on the mighty Mount Shasta.

Oddly enough, it has snowed on Mount Shasta every month so far this year. If that trend keeps up, it would be the first year on record that the mountain has received snow every month of the year. That being said, we know small storms are no match for long periods of drought, and the active volcano is proof of that.

Photos posted to social media show what little snow is left on the glaciers of Shasta, dwindling down to muddy patches on top of little snow. The Mount Shasta Avalanche Center posted photos of what’s left of the glaciers on the top of the mountain:

And Roger W Hicks showed what the glaciers are looking like from off the mountain:

With the final days of summer coming to a close, the true impacts of the drought will be seen in the fall months. Unless we get some rare September/October precipitation, lakes and rivers will continue to deplete and fires will continue to rage on.

So the question remains – will Mt. Shasta be completely devoid of snow in the coming months? Start rain dancing, NorCal.

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