Mt. Shasta Put on a Gorgeous Lenticular Cloud Show During the First Storm of the Season

It was a beautiful surprise to see last weekend’s early-season storm drop 20 inches of snow on the Northern California mountains. From Mt. Shasta to Lassen to Tahoe and all the way down to the Eastern Sierra, snow covered the high elevation areas of the Sierra Nevada providing more hope for a wet winter.

While Mount Shasta received a light dusting of snow, it paled in comparison to the lenticular cloud show it put on for its onlookers.

Mount Shasta is known to marvel onlookers with a lenticular cloud show every now and again. The clouds are reminiscent of an alien UFO, further stoking the claims of mysterious and paranormal activity on the mountain. But for those who just appreciate the sights and sounds of nature, a lenticular cloud over Shasta can be a spiritual experience.

Here are the best sights of the lenticular over Shasta this week:

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