Mt. Shasta Ski Park is Getting DUMPED ON Right Now

As the third winter storm of November descended into Northern California, locals wondered exactly how much snow we could expect in the mountains. The storms of the past two weeks will allow a few Tahoe ski resorts to open this week and Mammoth Mountain already hosted its opening weekend.

So how would Mt. Shasta fare in this November embarrassment of snow riches? The early results are in and they are FANTASTIC.

Photos and videos of NorCal’s northernmost ski resort are showing the mountain getting dumped on today, with the resort sharing a video of snow accumulating at the base of the mountain:

A late afternoon look at the mountain’s web cam also showed the base receiving a hefty blanket of snow:

The ski park on Mount Shasta has not yet announced an opening date, saying that the earliest they would open would be in early December. But for the southern facing resort with a base sitting at just 5,500 feet, this is a very positive sign that they might be able to get there lifts running earlier rather than later.

Buckle up, NorCal. Winter is here!

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