Mysterious Green Walls Found in Shasta Caverns

*Happy April Fool’s Day! This article is part of the Active NorCal April Fool’s Day Extravaganza. Don’t @ us.

Visitors to Shasta Caverns, Shasta County’s quintessential tourist attraction, were met with an unexpected shock of color this morning. The walls of this much-loved subterranean wonderland were suddenly adorned with a cast of color, well, straight from the Emerald Isle. 

Speleological scientists speculate the sudden burst of green might be the result of an underground chlorophyll bloom. Others theorize the new hue might be the result of a bad case of “cave envy” (as in green with envy) directed toward bigger, more famous caves from around the world. 

Management of the popular attraction declined comment, but this reporter ran into a short, red-headed gentleman, a Mr. Patty O’Furniture, willing to talk to us. 

Active Norcal: Mr. O’Furniture, could you explain how you account for the sudden underground burst of green?

O’Furniture: “Aye, me boy. We discovered the walls of this very cave are FAKE!”

Active Norcal: Fake cave walls? What does that mean?

O’Furniture: “Shamrocks, me boy. SHAM-ROCKS!”

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