Need an Outdoor Folding Chair? This Humboldt Kmart Hilariously Has Them in Spades

Need an outdoor folding chair in Northern California? We think we found the perfect spot to grab one in Humboldt County.

After parent company Transformco acquired Kmart in February 2019, they closed 100 Kmart’s and Sears around the country. Next on the list of stores closures might be located in McKinleyville, which has now been the butt end of viral videos showing their aisles lined with unfolded camping chairs. The most prominent video was posted to Reddit and has received over 60,000 upvotes and probably millions of views:

Kmart really wants to sell you a folding chair. from r/funny

A similar video was shared to Facebook by Ishan Steelhead:

With these types of videos circulating the internet, it’s likely a tactic by the parent company to avoid showing customers empty aisles throughout the store. Although there’s no report that they plan to close this Kmart location, the proof of a folding store is sitting front-and-center in its aisles.

So if you need a folding chair in the Humboldt area, you know exactly where to go. Although we wouldn’t expect a sale, since they need them to fill the empty aisles.

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