Netflix’s Docuseries “Fire Chasers” Takes on Northern California Wildfires

“It literally looked like the apocalypse came through here. When it is coming towards you, it roars like a freight train. The sweat is just burning right off of your face. Being a firefighter, you do everything that you can in your ability to get there safely, effective and efficiently. But sometimes, you can’t stop the fire.”

Those are the opening words of Netfilx’s docuseries Fire Chasers as firefighters take on the destructive flames of the Valley Fire in 2017. The show aired four episodes following firefighters through the devastating fire season of 2017.

Watch season 1 here

Now it’s the 2018 fire season and the Fire Chasers’ crew has set its sights on the historic and devastating fires in Northern California for its second season. Footage was released on social media following the show’s time-lapse videographer Jeff Frost on the Delta Fire. See the video:

Frost has been shooting video of fires for five years and even attended fire academy to better understand the fires and actions of the firefighter on sight. He is hoping his videos provide some insight to the world on how the combination of climate change and poor forest management is creating a monumental problem for California residents.

The release date of the second season of Fire Chasers has not yet been released, but will certainly be interesting for us Northern California residents who lived through the terrifying wildfires of 2018.

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