New Photos of the Sacramento River Trail Show Carr Fire Devastation

When the Carr Fire blazed through west Redding on July 26th, the biggest concern on everyone’s mind was making sure people were safe and the protection of homes from burning down. Now, in the aftermath of the sixth most destructive fire in California’s history, we are seeing the extent of the destruction.

Over a thousand homes were destroyed and eight lives were lost in the fire. Whiskeytown National Recreation Area suffered immense losses and was forced to close for the time being. Now, we are seeing the extensive damage done to the beloved Sacramento River Trail that goes through the Redding.

Friends of Redding Trails was permitted access to the burned area by the City of Redding in order to share the damage with its online followers. Here are just some of the photos, which show the charred remains of what was such a beautiful trail:

Photo: Friends of Redding Trails

Photo: Friends of Redding Trails

Photo: Friends of Redding Trails

Here is what Friends of Redding Trails had to say about photos:

“We got a tour of the River Trail today and took a lot of pictures to share because of the intense interest in what they look like and what’s happening out there. I can just say “A Lot” of progress is being made that can’t be seen yet. This is also a caution to those who would like to go out and see yourself, the trails are very dangerous and the City of Redding Crews and PG&E, REU and others are working 7 days a week to take care of the safety issues.”

“There are a lot of pictures to post and please share. In time there will be lots of opportunities to volunteer and be part of the restoration. Check out the picture of the green grass growing in the ashes…..our trails, River Trail and mountain bike trails will recover and be beautiful again with this community’s help and patience. Stay tuned. These pictures are from the Harlan Trailhead up to Land Park.”

It’s sad to see such devastation at a Northern California destination that has brought so many positive memories to our staff and readers. With time, the land will grow to become more beautiful than ever.

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