NorCal Ski Resorts are Buried in Snow, Having Trouble Staying Open

We prayed for snow. We prayed hard. We wanted snow so bad we could taste it. Then we got snow. We got A LOT of snow. And now we have too much snow…

Cue Alanis Morrisette – Isn’t it Ironic?

Snow has blasted NorCal during Miracle March and now we might be hitting our limit. The atmospheric river flowing through the area right now was colder than expected, giving ski resorts a lot of snow and not much way to dig ski lifts out of the the powder.

Let’s check in with local ski resorts to see who’s being affected by the storm:

Mammoth Mountain – Four feet of snow in two days – Lift’s currently delayed to open: 

Mt. Shasta Ski Park – Closed due to rain

Sierra-at-Tahoe – One of Fourteen Lifts currently open (Easy Rider Express): 

Kirkwood – 16 inches of new snow in 24 hours – 11 of 15 lifts open

Squaw Valley – 13 inches of snow in two days. 13 of 42 lifts open:

Heavenly – 13 inches of snow in 24 hours. 23 of 28 lifts open:

Sugar Bowl – 8 inches of snow in 24 hours. 8 of 13 lifts open:

It’s that darn atmospheric river! Just be patient, my friends. This storm will clear up and it will be the powder riding of the year next week:

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