Northern California Snowpack Measures at 115 Percent of Normal

On New Years Day, Department of Water Resources officials made their annual trek into the Sierra Nevada to measure snowpack totals that were a depressing 67 percent of average. Fast-forward just three weeks later, a snowy January has brought snowpack levels healthy again.

The most recent data shows the Sierra Nevada snowpack to be 115 percent of normal, a stunning number considering how low snowpack totals have measured in recent years. California snowpack is currently more than quadruple what is measured at this time last year.

The new snow totals come as no surprise as a barrage of storms slammed NorCal in January, with some areas receiving up to ten feet of snow. But it’s certainly welcomed news from an area that has seen drought and devastating wildfires over the past few years.

Of course, we are still early in the water year and will need to experience continued snowfall in order to see our snow and water levels to continue to be healthy. We are ending the month with some dry weather, but beginning February 1, another storm is set to slam NorCal.

Earlier in 2018, the Farmer’s Almanac predicted a cold, wet winter for Northern California. So far, they’ve been right. Let’s hope the prediction continues to come to fruition.

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