Northern California’s Natural Waterslide – Little Backbone Creek on Shasta Lake

The Little Backbone Creek natural waterslide on Shasta Lake has become a top destination for NorCal adventurers on sunny days. The smooth waterfall is the ultimate natural waterpark in the area. You can either hike or use a kayak to access the waterslide.

The scenic 20-minute hike up to the waterslide is reason enough to make a trip if you’re in the area. Bringing a waterproof camera along with you is never a bad idea. Not to mention you can spend an entire summer day enjoying plunges into the refreshing creek below the slide.

See what it’s like to slide down this epic waterfall:

Here is what a day spent at the waterslide is like:

Directions from the Lake: Little Backbone Creek is across from Digger Bay. Head into the inlet, go all the way to the back until you hit the creek and anchor. Hike up the creek, which is in a canyon. You’ll pass a series of crystal clear ponds and boulders. It takes about 20 minutes to get to the waterslide. Use caution as rocks are slippery and conditions differ from season to season and year to year.

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  1. Wow, this looks amazing! I’ve been looking for a new adventure spot in Northern California and this waterslide looks like it does not disappoint. The pictures are stunning and I can only imagine the thrill of sliding down that waterfall. Can’t wait to check it out for myself!

  2. Wow, this water slide looks incredible! I’ve always wanted to try kayaking or rafting in Northern California and this post has just made my bucket list longer. The pictures are stunning and I can only imagine how thrilling the experience must be. Thanks for sharing this hidden gem with us! ?

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