Northstar’s Mountain Biking Course Destroyed by Historic Snowpack Over the Winter

Northstar California Resort’s mountain biking officials were met with an unexpected challenge this season as they eagerly awaited the reopening of their beloved Gypsy trail. The resort recently provided an update on the status of its biking courses, revealing the extensive damage caused by the historic snowpack experienced over the winter.

Despite the efforts of the hardworking trail crews, the massive snow loads that accumulated during the historic winter posed a serious threat to the mountain biking courses. The impact was particularly evident on the wood features, which required extensive repair work to ensure the safety and integrity of the trails.

Here are photos of the snowpack’s impact on the wooden features:

The resort’s teams successfully managed to open several trails, including Flameout, The Woods, River Styx, and Speed Control, much to the delight of riders. However, the question on everyone’s mind remained: What about Gypsy?

The announcement brought hope to the biking community, stating that the possibility of Gypsy opening top to bottom was looking promising for the upcoming weekend. This news came as a relief for many avid riders who have been eagerly awaiting the return of one of their favorite trails.

However, the challenges caused by the historic snowpack were evident in the photos shared by the resort. The wood features, in particular, bore the brunt of the immense snow loads, requiring serious repair efforts. A staggering 700 inches of snow fell over the winter, and the weight of the snow took a toll on the structures.

One of the major attractions, the Red Bull feature, will unfortunately remain closed as the woodwork repair continues. The resort assured riders that they will be kept informed of the estimated time of opening (ETO) for this feature.

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