Outdoor Destinations Closed in the Mount Shasta/McCloud Area Due to Wildfire Danger


With heavy winds and dry conditions, outdoor areas throughout Northern California are being closed to reduce the potential for human caused wildfires. In areas of Mount Shasta and McCloud, the Forest Service has preemptively closed a list of campgrounds and day use sites.

The closures went into effect on Monday afternoon and will last until Forest Service officials deem the wildfire risk reduced in these areas. Here’s a list a campgrounds and day use sites closed in the area:

Campgrounds closed in the Mount Shasta/McCloud Area

  • Trout Creek Campground
  • Algoma Campground
  • Cattle Camp Campground
  • Fowler’s Campground
  • Ah-Di-Na Campground
  • McBride Springs Campground
  • Sim’s Campground
  • Castle Lake Campground
  • Gumboot Campground
  • Panther Meadows Campground
  • Camp 4 Group Site
  • Red Fir Flat Group Site

Day Use Sites Closed in the Mount Shasta/McCloud Area

  • McBride Springs
  • Everitt Memorial Day Use
  • Red Fir Flat
  • Sand Flat
  • Bunny Flat
  • Panther Meadows
  • Old Ski Bowl
  • Castle Lake
  • Sim’s Day Use Area
  • Pollard Flat
  • Snowman’s Hill
  • McCloud River Falls Area
  • Pilgrim Creek

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