Over 200 Migrating Whales Seen at Point Reyes Over the Weekend

Photo: Merrill Gosho/NOAA

The annual grey whale migration along the Northern California coast is beginning to peak and onlookers are being greeted with views of the majestic mammals. Over the weekend, the clear weather made for some great whale watching opportunities with 209 whales spotted from the Point Reyes Lighthouse from Friday through Sunday.

The annual grey whale migration becomes a significant event along the NorCal coast as they travel north to Alaska during the spring months for their annual summer feeding. These whales can travel over 10,000 miles in their annual migration, stopping along the way to feed along the coasts of California, Oregon and Washington.

In 2019, marine biologists were frightened with the state of the whale migration in NorCal, with a ton of sightings happening in the San Francisco Bay, posing dangers of boat traffic to the mammals. Between March and May 2019, nine grey whales were found dead along the NorCal coast due to malnutrition.

Photo: San Francisco Whale Tours

The whale migration will continue to be viewable on clear days in NorCal through May, with plenty of viewing opportunities from Monterey to Trinidad Bay.

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