Photographer Captures ‘Aurora Glow’ Over Lake Almanor During Rare Solar Explosion

Last week, a strong solar eruption provided the rare opportunity for residents of the northern United States to witness the Northern Lights. The event was witnessed in northern Oregon and throughout Washington, but it was impossible to see with the naked eye in Northern California. But when one photographer took a long exposure over Lake Almanor, the “Aurora Glow” came alive on the screen of his camera.

Jake Edwards has accumulated a strong following on social media with his fantastic photos of NorCal, mostly in his home area of Lassen County. When he pointed his camera to the north over Lake Almanor during the solar explosion, the sky came alive in a stunning purple coloration.

Here’s his incredible capture:

“In these past years of shooting around the Almanor Basin relentlessly, I have never once seen a glow like this coming from the north,” Edwards wrote on Instagram. “I do believe I caught a glimpse of the Aurora Glow that we’ve all been hearing about, last night. With not being visible to the naked eye, I was surprised to see this when the image processed in my camera after a 25 second long exposure.”

While the Northern Lights were captured throughout the PNW on this evening, specifically in the rural areas of Washington, to our knowledge, this is the only photo from NorCal that represents the celestial event. Cameras are so advanced these days that they can catch things unseen by the naked eye.

In this instance, we’re glad a seasoned photographer like Edwards was ready.

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