Photos Show Extensive Wildfire Damage in the Big Basin Redwoods State Park

With news of wildfire damage to the Big Basin Redwoods State Park on Thursday, there was plenty of discussion as to how much destruction was actually done to the park. As CalFire officials and photojournalists were allowed to enter the area, they were able to show the extent of the damage.

On Thursday afternoon, a photo showed that the visitors center in the park had been completely destroyed by the CZU Lightning Complex Fire:

On Friday, State Park officials shared another photo of the park’s headquarters, showing nothing left from the fire:

Along with the parks visitor center and HQ, there were also cabins destroyed in the fire:

So we know the State Park buildings had been destroyed, but what about the redwoods? Photojournalists were allowed to enter the park on Friday and snapped photos of the trees damaged by the fire. Some remained standing, while other perished in the flames. Here are some photos documenting the damage from Ethan Baron:

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  1. My heart is broken to see the majestic old trees burning, but as a Biologist and a member of a fire fighting family I know how much has changed in the science of fire resilience in the Western Forest. This area hasn’t burned in a very long time, the build up of the understory leads to intense fires now. all the Best Big Basin,

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