Raccoon Goes Viral After Getting Stuck in Santa Cruz Roof

Photo: Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter

A raccoon went viral this week after getting stuck in a roof in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Even if you aren’t a fan of raccoons, the story of the determination of this raccoon will put a smile on your face.

The mama raccoon and her kits had taken up residency in the home’s attic when the she went out to presumably find some food. While she was gone, a broken attic vent was repaired and closed off, leaving her unable to access her babies in the home. That’s when she took things into her own paws to get back to her babies.

“From working with wildlife for over 40 years, I can tell you raccoons are the best moms,” said Rebecca Dmytryk, CEO of Wildlife Emergency Services of Moss Landing, to the Santa Cruz Sentinel. “They will go to all lengths to get back to their babies.”

The mama raccoon began furiously digging into the roof to get back to her babies. She dug all the way up to her hind legs, getting stuck in the process. With temperatures reaching 80 degrees and the mama raccoon stuck on the roof, the homeowner reached out to Dmytryk for help.

A crew was dispatched to the home where they were able to enlarge the hole big enough for the raccoon to get inside. Soon, Dmytryk will return to the home to apply a repellent made of essential oils in the attic, which will force the raccoon family to leave.

Great work from the homeowner and Wildlife emergency Services to save the mama and safely remove the raccoon family from the home.

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