Rare Tahoe Ski Run for Advanced Skiers Opens for the First Time this Winter

Following an extraordinary snowfall, Palisades Tahoe has opened its most exclusive and difficult terrain, which is accessible by the Silverado lift, for the first time this winter. This area, known for its demanding double black diamond runs, is only possible to open during perfect conditions, like the current snowpack after the massive blizzard in the Sierra earlier this month.

The lift grants skiers and boarders entry to a vast, rocky bowl on the back side of High Camp, featuring eight double black diamond runs that cater exclusively to those with advanced skills. The resort acknowledges Silverado’s status as “the most coveted terrain at Palisades Tahoe.” The area sits below the other blue, green and black runs higher on the mountain, and it’s strictly an expert-only area.

The opening of this terrain involved a huge preparation effort, starting with the construction of an access road through the deep snow using an older, lighter snowcat on the challenging slopes. Building this road is a rare skill, with only a few staff members experienced in this “expert and treacherous task.” Despite the inherent risks, careful precautions, including the use of avalanche beacons and maintaining constant radio contact, are enforced to ensure safety.

Here’s a look at the rock faces you can find in the Silverado area:

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