Record Breaking 33-Pound Catfish Caught on Clear Lake

On May 9th, Frank Gentle went to Clear Lake looking to catch some fish in the lake known for its large population of bass. Instead of catching a monster bass, he instead broke a 10-year-old catfish record.

The catfish Gentle caught weighed in at 33.57 pounds, securing the record at Clear Lake and giving onlookers a sight of the biggest of its kind in the lake. It just barely broke the previous record of 33.33 pounds. After having it officially weighed, he released the fish back into the lake.

To give you an idea of its shear size, here’s a picture of Gentle holding the beast:

“I’ve seen some big catfish, but this thing was a monster,” Dave Burruss of Clear Lake Outdoors told Western Outdoor News. “It was shocking, the fish looked as big as the angler. It might have only beaten the record by half a pound, but when it comes to fishing records, that might as well be a ton. It’s either the biggest, or it’s not.”

What an absolute UNIT of a fish. It took ten years to break the previous. Now, how long will it take to break this one?

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