Watch: Pro Athletes Visit Mt. Shasta and Redding for a Biking Adventure

Northern California is a biking utopia. From road biking to mountain biking to even snow biking, there’s an adventure for everyone in NorCal. And a new edition of Johnny Moseley’s Wildest Dreams shows every facet of the great biking opportunities the area has to offer.

Jonny Moseley is a gold-medal Olympic skier who has seen his fame rise over the years. He was the host of the popular MTV series the Real World/Road Rules Challenge, he’s hosted Saturday Night Live, was a co-host of American Ninja Warrior and even participated in ABC’s Skating with the Stars.

Moseley, a Bay Area native, has spent his more recent years as a spokesperson for large brands while also launching a web series for Visit California, going on adventures around the state in order to promote all outdoor activities in California.

In his most recent edition, he visits Mount Shasta and Redding for a three-pronged bike race with mountain biking legend Hans “No Way” Rey and pro cyclist Alison Tetrick. Who wins the race? You’ll have to watch for yourself.

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