Redding Receives it’s Biggest Snowstorm in Over 50 Years

On Tuesday afternoon, rain began falling hard in Redding, California, which had been a normal sight for the past 3 months. By 7 pm, the rain turn to snow, and became a weather event the city hadn’t seen in over 50 years.

The snow lasted through most of Tuesday night, with measurement of snow reaching 10 to 14 inches on Wednesday morning. It was the first snow Redding had seen since 2017 and, according to the National Weather Service, was the biggest snowstorm since 1968.

The storm caused significant problems for the community that isn’t the most adept at dealing with snow accumulations. Downed trees and power lines have caused power outages to over 20,000 residents (as of Thursday morning, many still are without power). The traffic was vicious in town, with closures to Interstate 5 delaying big rig traffic through the I-5 corridor. The Shasta County Sheriff even declared a state of emergency due to the ill-effects of the storm.

On Wednesday, Redding firefighters received to over 330 emergency responses, including downed trees, downed power lines, injuries and traffic accidents.

With most schools and businesses closed, and power outages for most of the city, it was a snow day for the ages in the town at 500 feet elevation. Here are some of the best photos/videos from the snow day:

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